Creating Great Child Portraits – When Simpler is Better

Often before each normal portrait session, I spend quite a bit of time planning the shoot: props, poses, locations…I usually have several in mind.   This takes time and energy, but usually ensures each session is a success.

Last weekend, I shot the cover of The Little Book of Windsor, a high-end family magazine serving the Windsor area.  Because we shooting for one image only, I didn’t worry about endless poses, different locations or a change of clothing.  I had a singular vision for the cover shot and worked exclusively to get that.  Doing this was amazingly freeing.

To my surprise, however, I ended up with many fabulous shots.  Though these won’t serve the magazine, I would want to keep them for an album or a frame.  They capture my daughter’s expressions, emotions and joyful attitude beautifully.  I share just a couple images here. Stop by my portrait blog to see all of the outtakes.

I can’t wait to plan a session this again.  Do let me know if it works for you!

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