A Three-Year Old World…

To be blatantly honest, this three-year old world has caught me by surprise.  I was ready for two…those TERRIBLE twos.  Guess what…they never happened.  But three, oh my goodness…

Tantrums, talking back, hitting, throwing and yelling ‘No!’. Oh yes, these happen regularly in my house.  And did I mention the whining?

But this tumultuous world also has it’s gifts:  We have story time and she ‘reads’ to me. We make art. She draws, then folds, then tapes paper into little packages.  Each morning, she brings me a muslin and a cuddly toy to hold.  She chooses plates and silverware and puts them on the table. We find fairies in the house. Sometimes they are the cause of all the naughtiness. And sometimes they join us for breakfast. In this three-year old world, we have best friends. We have walks and lunches and she asks to hold my hand.

Perhaps three is like our recent weather. Rainy, stormy and changeable with swaths of amazing color and beauty…


Please Mama, put your camera away…

If you’ve been following me on Flickr, you know that I’ve been working on a 366 project of my daughter.  Most days, I take her photo.  Yes, sometimes I miss a day. And yes, sometimes I just can’t resist shooting a pretty flower but Phoebe is my muse…and my subject.  But what if she doesn’t want to be? 

This weekend I came to the sad realisation that she was getting GOOD at avoiding my lens.  After three months of almost constant camera-in-her-face, she knows when I turn the Nikon on. And she looks everywhere but at me.  Or, she freezes her expression into a vacant no-one-is-home look. That girl can turn her eyes off in an instant.

Perhaps it is only me, I wondered? But when she declined to have a good friend take her picture, I knew something had to change.

I truly believe that photography should be fun…for everyone! Photography is about catching the best bits of life: the love, the detail, the emotion and the connection that we want to remember. Cameras are not torture devices.  And no matter how good the light, or how special the moment, I don’t use mine in that way.

So…my 366 will no longer be just about Phoebe.  It will be more about my life and all of the things in it.  I hope, hope, hope Phoebe will feature happily and frequently.  But only if she wants to do so.

Last night, she surprised me by asking me to take her photo.  Save for straightening her hat, I didn’t direct or guide her.  She made her own faces. I showed her the images on the back of the camera. And she asked me to take a few more.  And then we were done. It was time for bed. And that was enough…


Baby Girl – A Newborn Portrait Session

Hello! It is sooo good to be back to the blog.  The last two weeks have been crazy busy with Easter, school holidays and not one, but two beautiful newborn shoots.  I’m so happy to share the first with you today.

How I loved meeting one-week old baby M!  With all of her dark hair, her unstoppable appetite, and coming in just under 8 pounds, she reminded me so much of my own daughter.

Baby M had a sense of humour and perfect timing…she covered both Mum and Dad with the unthinkable.  (Thank goodness Mum and Dad were very relaxed about it all.)  However, Baby M then made up for her transgressions by sleeping quite soundly for me.  Her big sister was adorable too.  And though rather roughly affectionate with the baby, she was very happy to help her Mum with the nappies.

BTW, isn’t that antique trunk absolutely stunning! How I would love to have one…It made the perfect prop….Enjoy. :)