Summer Evening at the Lake – a Stylised Portrait Session

The Little Book Windsor is published again! This time the theme is all about summertime and childhood. Do you remember YOUR summer holidays?  Weren’t they full of daydreams and picnics and sunshine filled evenings? Dogs, friends, fishing and bikes….footraces and the exploration of grassy meadows?  This session has all of that..and even, dare I say, a baby in a basket!

We shot at Dorney Lake…a very special place and location to the upcoming Olympic Games.  If you look closely, you might see one of the teams practicing behind us.

On a personal note, this shoot was a very difficult one for me.  We shot just hours after I learned that my daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  And though my mind and my heart were in turmoil that evening, there was reasurrance in my camera.  Today, I look back on this shoot and am more positive.  I am ever hopeful and believe that she will one day, once again, run races after Harry (the dog) and ride bikes with her friends.

Here’s to summertime and childhood….and to believing in dreams.  Enjoy…

Motherhood meets Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

This has been a difficult post to write.  In fact, you may have noticed that it has been difficult for me to write at all in the last few weeks.  You see, two weeks ago, my little girl was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  What a bombshell for me.  As parents, we all like to think that our children are perfect.  They are, or should be, the BEST of us. Right?

Recently, I wrote about the terrible three’s.  Ok, yes….seeing your child spit on the floor, hit the dog and yell at the top of her lungs (just to test you…) does make you question the utter perfection of one’s offspring.  But to realise she might have a disease with serious life implications…let’s just say this has thrown me sideways.

If I’m honest, part of me is still sideways, lying on the floor. Part of me wants to stay that way.  But part of me has started to see…and be amazed…by the little miracles that are happening around me:  Amazing support in person and online.  An ad-hoc clinic that gets us into the rheumatologist in a day (This never happens with the NHS!) Dots connecting as friends recommend incredible resourses that span both Western and alternative medical practices.  A blog post offering the perfect, yummy recipe that suits our new restricted diet. My daughter’s new restricted diet actually helps ME to feel better…A brilliant doctor who can’t take us on as a patient but who is willing to do a Skype consultation…for free! Wonderful support and care from my homeopath/kinesiologist.

The little miracles keep happening. I don’t exactly know where this journey is taking us. Nor do I understand why. And every day is hard as I watch Phoebe limp or cry because of her knee.  Every day a part of me worries for her. But I have written the following on my inspiration board just so that every day I will remember…

1. In everything, there is always a gift.

2. Ask for help.  It will arrive…somehow.

3. Trust. And believe. Always for the best.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress…