A Portrait of My Mom

I’m a little sad today.  After a two-week visit, my mother got on the airplane this morning to fly back home.  The house feels quiet and empty. Phoebe and I spent all of dinner swapping ‘Baba’ (Phoebe’s name for Mom…) stories.

Yesterday was a rainy day, a perfect day for me to shoot my mom and Phoebe together. And though I have lots to share with you from that session, I just had to post these two, simple, beautiful images of my mother.

My mother is not easy to shoot.  She is not comfortable in front of the camera. She blinks…a lot. I know she wishes she had fewer wrinkles. And I suspect, for all of these reasons, she no longer thinks of herself as a beautiful woman.  But when I look at these images, ALL I see is a beautiful woman who lights up when she smiles.

She is perfect just the way she is.  I know I wouldn’t have her any other way.

We miss you Mom. And we love you loads…

All Brand New

Brand new babies. Innocent and sweet. Just at the very beginning of their own yet-to-be defined adventure.  For all that they change our lives, for all that they rob us of sleep, babies remind us of the things that are basic and important.   (How lucky I feel to spend time with them in my sessions…)

This little cutie made her family wait…a very long time…for her to arrive.  And once she did, boy was she hungry. Though we had to pause often in our session for feeds, she was a star for the camera.  I hope you enjoy seeing this beautiful family.