Our Babies and their Schedules…

Time. Schedules. Being early. Being late.  How wonderful that our children have no concept of time…and how frustrating! Over and over, I hear myself saying to my daughter, ‘Hurry. We are late!’  And ‘Hurry!’ doesn’t make her move any faster.

With little ones, things take the time they take. Babies arrive on their own schedule. Children travel at their own speed in their own world. My daughter often takes 15 minutes to put on her shoes.

But then, every once in a while out of this slowness, I receive a gift.  Just last night, as I was hurrying her along, she stopped to look at a plant in a neighbour’s garden.  She reached out to touch the leaves.  ‘Mama, come see,’ she said.  ‘These are so soft.’

And they were.  A detail in a moment that I would have missed in my busy day.  Thank you, Phoebe.

Speaking of details and time…isn’t this little one gorgeous? He decided to arrive 6 weeks early and was 11 weeks when I had the chance to photograph him.

A Child’s Eyes…

The more I photograph, the more I am fascinated by eyes….their infinite expression, their constant state of change, their ability to catch and hold light.

Here is my girl, yesterday, after her nap. Operations and doctors are the theme of my week. We go to Oxford tomorrow for an operation to reduce the swelling in Phoebe’s knee. If I may ask again, please send us your thoughts, prayers and healing wishes….

ps. You will all be thrilled to hear that my father was released from hospital yesterday. Now its time for physio and a new diet to take care of his heart. Hoorah!


A Portrait of my Father

I hadn’t planned to write a post about my father…especially so soon after one featuring my mother.  However, when life intervenes, things change…

Last Friday, my father had a heart attack. He is now in the hospital. And today he is undergoing a procedure to find out more. As I write this, I wait to hear the news.

My father is a conundrum in many, many ways.  He was at one time an electrical engineer and designed computer chips for IBM.  He is now a Reiki Master and massage therapist and regularly swims in the sea.  He is complex.  He likes to grow things in his garden.  He can be quite demanding and stubborn, but he can also be very understanding about the most unusual things.  His view of the universe is multi-faceted.

My father and I have had a rocky relationship over the years. But we have weathered our storms and come out the other side. I spent lots of time this weekend remembering and went looking for these images in my library.  They were taken just over a year ago when my father was digging in the garden, planting a rose bush for my sister. I love the way his happiness glows from his face.

If you have a moment, please send a wish, a thought a prayer out to the universe that my father recovers and goes on to do more of all that he loves.  I know he would appreciate it.