Baby Boy: Portraits at Six-Weeks Old

While I love to photograph babies in their first two sleepy weeks of life, sometimes this just isn’t possible.  Instead of steadfast sleep, we get wide-eyed wonder, funny expressions, connection, little smiles….and finally, finally, finally…peaceful slumber.


Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis: Our Journey 9 Months On…

Nine months ago, my life changed.  Enormously.  My then bubbly, cheeky, active three-year old was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  (I blogged about it here.)

Back then, I didn’t know JRA existed.  Today, I know a whole lot more…and my bubbly, cheeky, active four-year old girl still has JRA with the added dangerous complication of Uveitis (inflammation in her eyes.)

The last nine months of our journey have been so many things: emotional, challenging, time-intensive, educational, magical, all encompassing, full of gifts, full of sadness, full of growth.

In part, due to my belief in alternative as well as Western medicine, we now have a team of people working for my little girl.  We have a rheumatologist, an ophthalmologist, a functional doctor, a kinesiologist/homeopath, an osteopath and a pharmacist at Boots with whom I am now on a first-name basis. All of the teachers at school support us and help me to give her her meds when needed.  Friends and almost-strangers have sent me their encouragement, support and advice via Facebook.  For all of this, I am grateful.

I have learned so much…about the immune system, about food, about supplements.  I now cook regularly with coconut products that I never previously knew existed.  And because my daughter eats no wheat (along with a slew of other things), my own diet has changed for the better.

I had hoped, as every mother would, that our journey with JRA would be a simple one. Some children with this disease do heal and end up in remission. I had hoped that, through alternative medicine and lots of dietary care, this would be our story.  It may still be. But I now find myself having to strongly consider starting my daughter on Methotrexate, a serious drug with serious side effects. This is not an easy decision.  There are no easy answers.

Nine months ago, rather naively, I wrote:

1. In everything, there is always a gift.

2. Ask for help.  It will arrive…somehow.

3. Trust. And believe. Always for the best.

I still believe these three things are true.  But perhaps I might add a fourth….

4. Embrace your challenges. Make friends with them. In thanking them, you will find a way through.

I will let you know when we do.

Beautiful Family in the Forest

Its a grey, grey day here in Windsor.  Foggy and slightly damp.  Perfect cuddling indoors, cups of tea and good books.  But something got me thinking of this family shoot in the forest.  I just had to share…

We had such a good time both inside and out.  The forest was stunning and we followed Harry, the dog, through the trees. The children made us laugh and we almost…just almost…could see the fairies in the trees.  :)


Mother and Daughter Portrait Session

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful and memorable Christmas-time.

I find myself thinking an awful lot about mother’s and motherhood today.  (As I type this, my own mother is undergoing triple bypass surgery.)  There is nothing quite like the connection between a mother and a daughter.  Sisters, friends, fathers, brothers, husbands,wives…each important in its own way, but different too.

And so, with thoughts and wishes for my mother, I share this magical session.  Mum and daughter.  Misty fog. The Long Walk. Windsor Castle. Coloured leaves. And…a whole lot of love.