Pure Peace

Little Girl So Tiny: Four Months Old

Four months can be a long time in the early days of parenthood. So much growth and learning and change happens in that time, but still they are so tiny.

This little girl was a smily and sweet and calm as her parents. We had a wonderful session…and such an enjoyable time. Thank you guys! You are a beautiful family.

A Big Beautiful Family

What an amazing shoot this was! It isn’t often that I get to combine the joyful exuberance of a child with the self-conscious assurance of a teen on the edge of adulthood…all into one shoot. But here I did, twice-over.

Isn’t this family gorgeous? We had so much fun. There were dogs and footballs, reflections, skateboards, indoors, outdoors, laughter and lots of energy. :) Enjoy!

Baby Girl: Portraits at 7 Months

How impatient I’ve been to share this session! Doesn’t this little one have the most gorgeous and expressive eyes? She was an absolute star and such a pleasure to photograph. (As were her Mum & Dad… :)) We even made the most of a mid-session catnap. 7 months is a wonderful age and a perfect time for portraits.  Enjoy!