Family Portraits in the Park

denise-balyoz-marlow-henley-family-photographer We are so lucky in Windsor to have the Great Park on our doorstep. I love nothing more than photographing there…the grass, the fields, the views, the sky. Drama and intimacy combined. Truth be told, we had a few hay-feverish sneezes, but as Mum said…it was all worth it!

I loved working with this family. They have such a gentle connection and kindness about them. The boys were such fun and loved playing in the grass.

By the way, I have only a couple summertime portrait slots left in August. Please give me a call soon if you are interested in booking. What a great way to amuse the kids for a couple hours…and to remember this spectacular summer!




Summertime Portraits

denise-balyoz-photography-windsor-ascot-summer-portraitCan you tell….I’m LOVING summer this year? Yes, we are having a summer here in the UK! And there is nothing I love more than shooting in the fields. Sky, grass, trees and space to play. How grateful I am to live in Windsor, surrounded by so much of this.

I’ve started carrying my camera again on our daily walks. And I’m taking clients into the fields. So much to share…Hope you are enjoying your summer….




Photos and Things: My Online Etsy Shop!

Psst! Have you heard of Etsy?? If not, please let me introduce you.

Ahhh….Etsy is a wonderful online marketplace full of vintage and handmade items of all kinds. Looking for something quirky? handmade? unique? a special gift? Go to Etsy. Seriously!

I’ve wanted to open an Etsy shop for a couple years now. But…I could never quite nail the concept.  In June, everything crystallised for me. And Photos and Things: Mantra Word Art was born.

Errmmm…but, aren’t I a photographer? Why suddenly a focus on words?

Many of you have been following my daughter’s story as she works through Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis back to health.  Words have been such a big part of our journey. I become more and more conscious of the way I think and talk about her health with her. We even have our own mantra and, yes, hand-on-heart, we march around the park chanting it aloud.  She loves it…the louder, the better.

I have always loved words. When I was a teen, I had journals full of quotes. Yes, most were cheesy, but I gathered them. In the last couple years, I’ve become more conscious of the power that words have. All day long, we fill our heads with messages and mantras. And sometimes, changing these mantras can have a massive impact on our lives and lead to transformation.  And so, now…I try to use this power in my life and in my business.

Our mantras can be whispered inside our heads. Our mantras can be spoken or sung. Or they can hang on our walls to remind, encourage, inspire and make our lives transformationally beautiful.

What is your mantra? What message do you need in your life? Please stop by the shop. Perhaps you’ll find it there. Or…if you would like to see something special, drop me a note. I’d love to design yours uniquely for you.

This is only the beginning. There is lots more coming in the ‘I Am’ Series. I’m also working on a yoga-themed series. And yes, I will also be adding some fine art photography too.  Can’t wait!



A Playful Life


Playfulness. Recently, (and thank you Phoebe for showing me) I realised that I have forgotten how to play. How sad is this?

I enjoy my life. I LOVE what I do. But it isn’t often that I stop and follow the thread of my imagination from this ‘now’ to the next without plan. I WORK my way through my days. And however contented I am with my work, it is not enough. Or…rather, it is not how I want to live.

And so, as I start to learn again to play, Phoebe is my teacher. Sometimes walks in the Windsor Great Park become sit down sessions gathering grass seeds to blow into the wind. Or this afternoon, we packed our ‘bags’ and went on holiday to Africa. We drove the car-bed to the couch-airport. We even remembered to wear our sun hats. The ding of the dinner timer brought us home again. (Thank goodness as dinner was roast chicken!)

If you have any tips on how to remember to play, I would love to hear them! What is your favourite kind of play?