Beautiful little boy…

london-newborn-baby-family-photographerOh my word…When I first met him, little baby C stole my heart. And he steals it again and again and again…every time I see him. He has the most infectious smile. And what a flirt! Apparently, he likes blondes. And I’m blonde…sort of. Or maybe he just likes photographers who act just a little bit goofy. Either way, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph him and his beautiful mama and daddy.

Windsor-Ascot-Family-Photographer denise-balyoz-newborn-baby-photographer marlow-henley-baby-photographer sunningdale-baby-photographer virgina-water-baby-photographer marlow-henley-family-photographervirgina-water-family-photographer windsor-ascot-baby-photographer



A Pig Called Porky

This summer, I met a pig called Porky. She is a whiskered, spotted beauty with an appetite to match.

Berkshire-Family-Photographer Surrey-Family-Photographer Surry-Portrati-PhotographerPorky lives on a BEAUTIFUL sheep farm in Dorset. The sheep farm is also a B&B. At night, there was not a sound, save for my snoring.

Windsor-Ascot-Sunningdale-Family-Photographer Berkshire-Portrait-Photographer Denise-Balyoz-UK-Portrait-PhotographerWe did get one pout though (check out THAT bottom lip!) until I gave her the camera. And she took this:

Virgina-Water-Family-Phootgrapher Denise-Balyoz-Portrait-Photographerps. In case you are wondering why we are standing by the wheelbarrow, this is where Phoebe put us.

pps. Before I forget, Tessa makes the most AMAZING homemade shortbread. Mmmmmmm….



Summertime: Chalk Art

Summertime. Free time. Creative time. Photo time. I don’t want summer to end….

UK-Portrait-PhotographerNewborn-Baby-Family-Portrait-Photographer Marlow-Henley-Portrait-Photographer Denise-Balyoz-Windsor-Sunningdale-Portrait-Photographer Denise-Balyoz-Ascot-Virgina-Water-Portrait-PhotographerDenise Balyoz London Portrait Photographer

Summertime Portraits: Away on Holiday…

Lifestyle-Portraits-UK-Denise-Balyoz1-PhotographyWe have run away for a few short days to show my mother a bit more of the UK. Yesterday evening, in midst of the beautiful golden light, it started to rain.  My mother gave me 5 seconds before dashing inside.Thank you Somerset. Thank you Mom… :)