Food on Friday: Getting Sick. Staying Well.

Food on Friday…It’s been one of those days. You know…the kind where all sorts of things happen and it feels like the world is trying to tell you something? Trying to point you at something that you are just not seeing? Where, if only you could shift perspective, everything would appear to be something entirely different? That was my day today. :)

Speaking of shifting things…a friend called me this week to ask to do when she started to feel unwell. She was feeling sniffly but had a big weekend planned.

So here you go. The Top Ten Things I do if I start to feel under the weather…

1. Warm water with lemon. 1/2 a lemon in a large mug of warm water. This has become my morning ritual. I up the frequency when I start to get sick.

2. Fresh Ginger. Juice it. Or add it, sliced thinly, to the warm water with lemon (above). Or make a tea of just thinly sliced ginger. All sorts of health benefits:

3. Raw Garlic. Yep, this has to be raw, I’m afraid. And even worse, it needs to be crushed to release the allicin. But garlic is nature’s antibiotic. And whenever I’m in need, I mince a clove, cover it in manuka honey and swallow the whole thing down as quickly as possible. (Also good to ward off the vampires!)

4. Speaking of…Manuka Honey. Also a natural antibiotic, good quality Manuka honey is expensive, but worth it. Whenever I get sick, I like to add this to my tea or use with garlic as above.

5. Cayenne. Yet another natural antibiotic. Add this to the warm water and lemon, perhaps with a dash of honey. Or make a spicy meal.

6. Stop Dairy. Sadly, dairy causes congestion. Now that I don’t eat dairy regularly, I’m amazed at how congested I feel the morning after I have some. And so if your body is fight a cold and congestion, eating dairy will only make things worse.

7. Cut out sugar. All sugar. Not just the white powder, but fruit and especially fruit juices (i.e.. orange juice!) Sugar suppresses the immune system and makes it harder for your body to do what it must do to make you well.

8. Cut out the caffeine.  Same issue with caffeine and the immune system.

9. No alcohol. And yet the same issue again.  Alcohol also suppresses the immune system.

10. Eat lean. Lean protein, steamed vegetables. Some lemon juice drizzled on top. Homemade chicken soup. All these are great to eat and will support your body in getting better.

and…11. Sleeeepppp.….

Here’s to a healthy weekend!


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