My Journey to Parliament…

family-photographer-ukPoor neglected blog. It has been a while since I’ve posted. And so it feels right that I come back, not with an update on photography, or yoga, but on us…On our personal journey with health and healing.

It has been two years almost to the day that I first heard the words ‘Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.’ When the doctor first said them, my brain rejected his words out of hand. No way. Not us…But, in fact, yes way. They were for us…for a time, at least.

In those early days, my Mama-brain and Mama-heart went to battle. In every way that I could. I was soaked in fear for my girl. My mind was heavy with the dire possibilities and prognoses and and I grasped at any straws I could find. I spent days trawling the internet, looking and learning. I spent lots of money and even more time seeing doctors in both Western and alternative medicine.  And I spent hours upon hours in the kitchen preparing healthy food…specialised food that would support my girl’s body in healing. Emotionally, I fought my own internal fear…and I also fought against the dire gloom-and-doom of our (Western) doctors…and even some of my friends.

Plain and simple I wasn’t prepared for the roller coaster of that first year. It was soooo hard.

But deep down, I knew we would be healthy again, and in the end, we were.  Last summer, all the inflammation left and my daughter spent 9 months in remission. And so, it was a bit of a surprise this Spring, when some of the symptoms came back. But this time, I am no longer fighting. I continue to care for her and support her body to heal. Yes, I still spend LOTS of time in the kitchen. But I am no longer fighting a battle in my mind. I am no longer fearful. I believe, deep down, that she will be in remission again. And so she will. (I’ll keep you posted…)

In previous posts, I  blogged about the gifts this journey has given me.  One of those gifts has been to meet  wonderful people. Very early on, I met Lauren, a now 29-year old, JRA survivor. This determined woman had determined parents who, so many years ago, bucked the system to find homeopathic and alternative medical treatment for their girl.  I can’t imagine how hard that must have been without the internet.  Lauren has used her experiences to write and campaign for homeopathic and alternative treatment for JRA. She spoke in Parliament (…and thus how I found her). We became Facebook friends and connected on Skype.

At the time when we met, I remember thinking that I would love, one day, to contribute to the effort to build awareness on alternative healing…for JRA and other autoimmune diseases. Amazingly, that one day is now here.

Next week, Lauren is hosting an event with David Amess, MP, in Parliament. This event is all about JRA and alternative healing. Lauren has invited me to speak at this event and share my story.

And so, on Wednesday, this American, single mother with determination, unusual beliefs on health and healing and (thankfully) a love of cooking will be speaking in the home of the British political system.  How amazing is that!? Wish me luck.

PS. If you know anyone with JRA or autoimmune issues interested in attending, please let me know. I’d love to get an invitation to them. :)