Male Portraits and Modelling Headshots

modelling-headshots-photographerJust this morning, it struck me how lucky I am to be a portrait photographer.

Not because I get…for a small part of my day…to walk around with my camera. But because I get to be close to people and their dreams.

I’m there in those first days of a baby’s life. I’ve been present when a child first sits on its own. I see couples and families together in their love for each other…in so many different stages and ages of life.

This month, I’ve also been lucky to create portraits for people who hope to become models.  This doesn’t change how I look to capture a portrait, it only changes the parameter (i.e.…headshot, full body, etc..)

And so…modelling session number 1…best of luck to you C. You’ll be awesome!


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portrait-photographer-sunningdale portrait-photographer-ascot


Robin Williams and Yoga. Some thoughts.

yoga-ascot-winkfieldSeveral days on from the news and I’m still a very sad. Robin Williams’ death has touched me in a way that most celebrity deaths don’t. A friend suggested that perhaps it was because I grew up with Robin and his work. And that his passing is a reminder of my own mortality?

Perhaps there is a bit of this feeling. But more I think it is because with his work Robin touched my emotions…he made me laugh and he made me think. And I am saddened to think that a man who gave so much to everyone struggled as a result.

My simple heart wishes that he could have enjoyed some of the JOY he gave to all of us.

And so, during my yoga practice, I got to thinking about perception, assumptions and life. Before Monday, I would have ASSUMED that someone like Robin Williams…so talented, so successful, so admired…felt secure in his accomplishments and secure in life. Unfortunately, we all assume many things. And unfortunately, usually we are wrong.

We assume the wealthy are secure and without worry. We assume that the married and child-blessed feel secure and loved. We assume that the yoga guru feels flexible, strong, able and lives a pain-free physical life as they move from one advanced yoga pose to the next.

And actually all, some or none of this may be true. We assume and then we desire what we assume.  And then, we become dissatisfied with our present, our reality.

Yoga teaches us that nothing matters but the present. And that it does not matter if we practice really hard poses that look great photographed and posted on Instagram.  It doesn’t matter if our forward bends are deep or if we can stand on our hands.  It only matters that we practice our best with as much as our bodies can do today. And it only matters that we breath into this enough-ness.

In thanks all of the moments of brilliance he shared….and in tribute and respect to Robin as person. Namaste.



Portraits at 9 Months…

marlow-family-photographerOften I’m asked, when should I photograph my child during his or her first year? Yes there are obvious milestones: 4 month (ish) portraits will capture expression. 7 month (ish) portraits will show expression and seated portraits. And the 13 month (ish…depending on the child) portraits will show all of the above with first steps.

But really, my answer is…anytime. SO much happens in that first year. And children change and change again from week to week and month to month. How nice to capture as much as possible.

And so…here is the gorgeous and engaging S…with all of her expressions.

fine-art-photographersunningdale-portrait-photographerbeconsfield-family-photographer ascot-family-photographerwindsor-newborn-photographer windsor-family-photographer virginia-water-photographernewborn-photographerfamily-portrait-photographerWindsor-portrait-photographer