a new year…a new project…

A new year. A new start. Or rather, a re-start…For a few years now, I have wanted to complete a 365 project. One photo every day for one year. This sounds easy: Have camera. Pick it up. Click.

But any photographer who has tried this knows that LIFE just GETS IN THE WAY. I’ve tried a 365 before. I’ve also tried a 52 week project. And both times, I had to stop to deal with the demands of my business and motherhood.

This year, I’m trying again. But on my terms. Firstly (and most importantly) my daughter has signed up with me. SHE wants to do it with me. She wants to help me remember to take our photo before the daylight gives way to darkness. And sometimes, she will dictate the subject (watch for photos of stuffed animals…I know they will be coming!) Secondly, I will not be posting every day. It was the download-and-post process that killed this project the first time. Instead, I’ll post here weekly with a set photos from that week.

Without much further ado….here we go. Our 365. Beginning 19 December 2014.

Day 1

day-1Day 2day-2Day 3day-3Day 4day-4
Day 5day-5Day 6day-6Day 7 (Yes, this was Christmas Day)day-7-(2) dau-7


  1. Denise, what beautiful images! And congrats on starting a 365. I know too well how hard it is to start and finish (I’ve started 3 finished one–barely!). I’m sure with your sweet helper it will go much more smoothly!

  2. This is such a great way to tackle the 365, Denise! I always love your photos and am excited to watch what you and Phoebe do this year.

    • Thanks SO much Siobhan! I hope the project turns out to be a wonderful way to capture the year. I’ll be posting the next 7 in a week. :) Happiest new year to you & your girls…x

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