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The other day, I stumbled across this quote:


How lucky I am to do both of these things.

With my camera, I help people look their most beautiful, most real self. I love to capture connection between kids and parents, men and women, brothers and sisters, friends and families. Our lives happen so fast and it is through our portraits that we look back, cherish and remember….

In teaching yoga, I love to help students reconnect with themselves…with their body, with their mind. In yoga, we can ease sore backs or tight shoulders, we can build core strength and improve posture. We learn to follow the breath as we practice the physical poses and in doing so find calmness or peace of mind.  But yoga is a personalised journey and is different for everyone. I love helping people find a practice that suits them, their body and their lives.

When I’m not on my yoga mat or carrying my camera, you will most likely find me with my gorgeous 6 year old daughter. She is my inspiration and my motivation and always pushes me to grow. She gets me up before 6 am to photograph the sunrise or to dance in the kitchen in a majorly uncoordinated way. I hope you enjoy our story…

Thanks so much for stopping by….