Child Portraits – 9 years old

photographer-marlow-henleySome of you may recognise these beautiful blue eyes from previous years. It’s hard to believe Miss S is already 9. This time around, her mother was hoping for some portraits and some modelling head shots. This is what we did….

photographer-virginia-water photographer-ascot-sunningdale

photographer-beaconsfield portrait-photographer-windsor

Family Portrait Sessions at Cliveden House

Looking for something different this October half-term? Why not have your family portrait created at Cliveden? Just in time for Christmas….

Contact Cliveden House to book your session today.


Portraits: Last Day of Five

Today, the very last day of five. Tomorrow moving to a two-handed age. How time goes by in a blink. Here she is: cheeky, loving, exuberant, thoughtful, imaginative, curious…and utterly gorgeous (says a very biased mum…)

Playing mum and baby at home (I got to be the ‘sister’.)

marlow-henley-photographer virginia-water-photographer beaconsfield-portrait-photographer

Delivering invitations to her party:


Conker gathering on the Long Walk.

surrey-portrait-photographer newborn-baby-photographer berkshire-portrait-photographer family-photographer

The start of her snuggle-tooth grin. Already 3 big-girl teeth and a 4th baby one loose…


End of a lovely walk home…


Male Portraits and Modelling Headshots

modelling-headshots-photographerJust this morning, it struck me how lucky I am to be a portrait photographer.

Not because I get…for a small part of my day…to walk around with my camera. But because I get to be close to people and their dreams.

I’m there in those first days of a baby’s life. I’ve been present when a child first sits on its own. I see couples and families together in their love for each other…in so many different stages and ages of life.

This month, I’ve also been lucky to create portraits for people who hope to become models.  This doesn’t change how I look to capture a portrait, it only changes the parameter (i.e.…headshot, full body, etc..)

And so…modelling session number 1…best of luck to you C. You’ll be awesome!


portrait-photographer-beaconsfield portrait-photographer-virginia-water

portrait-photographer-sunningdale portrait-photographer-ascot


Portraits at 9 Months…

marlow-family-photographerOften I’m asked, when should I photograph my child during his or her first year? Yes there are obvious milestones: 4 month (ish) portraits will capture expression. 7 month (ish) portraits will show expression and seated portraits. And the 13 month (ish…depending on the child) portraits will show all of the above with first steps.

But really, my answer is…anytime. SO much happens in that first year. And children change and change again from week to week and month to month. How nice to capture as much as possible.

And so…here is the gorgeous and engaging S…with all of her expressions.

fine-art-photographersunningdale-portrait-photographerbeconsfield-family-photographer ascot-family-photographerwindsor-newborn-photographer windsor-family-photographer virginia-water-photographernewborn-photographerfamily-portrait-photographerWindsor-portrait-photographer


Summertime Portraits – Last day of school

ascot-portrait-photographerToday. The last day of reception (kindergarden). Every Mama says this…but how did we get here…so fast? In front of me, I have a little girl growing up. Reading, writing, learning to spell. Adding numbers and counting by 10′s or backwards.

I love that the word VERY is really spelled VERE.  I shall leave for her to learn this next year.  And this morning…TALL was spelled TOL. That’s OK in my book. I treasure the little moments clinging to childhood and innocence.  Because it all goes so very quickly.

This was a year of two different schools (before we found the right one for her), of field trip to farms, of her very first choir performance with a mix of bigger children from other schools. This year we were fascinated with Frozen and Beatrix Potter and drawing flowers and growing sunflowers from seed. This year we gained a pair of STYLING pink glasses.

And so we start our summer today. We both need a rest. But I want to remember today. How beautiful it is.

winkfield-portrait-photographer windsor-portrait-photographer virginia-water-portrait-photographer sunningdale-portrait-photographer family-portrait-photographer family-and-child-photographer


30 Days of Clouds – A Personal Project

day-8-clouds-denise-balyoz-photographyI LOVE being a portrait photographer…and I love capturing expression and emotion in eyes, in faces and in bodies. But sometimes, it is fun to spend time with camera in other ways.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister moved back to Raleigh, NC from a year in Beijing. After the heavy, mostly grey and monotonous skies of China, she marvelled at the North Carolina-blue and cloud-punctured, summer-time skies that she was seeing.  When she suggested starting a 30-day project focused on what was up over her head, I quickly jumped to match her with views from the UK. And though this project starts with us on two different continents, she will be visiting me in just over a week’s time. We will finish our 30 days together…each capturing the same sky in our own unique way.

So here you go. The first 10 days of English summer skies….

day-9-clouds-denise-balyoz-photography Clouds day 10 denise balyoz photography day-7-clouds-denise-balyoz-photography day-6-clouds-denise-balyoz-photography day-5-clouds-denise-balyoz-photography day-4-clouds-denise-balyoz-photography day-3-clouds-denise-balyoz-photography day-1-clouds-denisebalyozphotography day 2 clouds denise balyoz photography

Family Portraits Windsor Great Park

family-photographer-windsorAfter all our crazy weather, how amazing to look out the window and see Spring! Which reminds me…I still need to catch up on blogging a few of my wonderful wintertime sessions.  :)

This beautiful family took advantage of my Christmas mini-session offer. We staying in one location with a shorter session. Everyone…including the dog….had a great time. Their family connection is wonderful and it shows in their portraits….Take a look. :)

family-photographer-ascot family-portraits-virginia-water family-photographer-windlesham family-photographer-sunningdale family-photographer-marlow family-photographer-henley

Portraits of my Dog…Age Three

Yesterday, I photographed the most beautiful 10-day old baby boy. As I was cleaning up after the shoot, Harry came in to investigate. And so, he found himself on the hot seat.

Harry, age 3. A bit more dignified. A tad bit calmer. A little hairier. And ever on the look-out for food. Or a walk. A good boy. :)

family-portrait-photographer-ascot-sunningdale portrait-and-pet-photographer windsor-portrait-photographer

1 Year Old Portraits in Windsor

virginia-water-photographerLast October, on a misty Autumn morning, I got to spend the morning with this beautiful little boy. He had three speeds: Go. Go! and GO! He kept his Mum, Dad and I moving. And laughing. What a pleasure it was. I hope you enjoy these too….

bracknell-photographer ascot-sunningdale-family-photographer Ascot-portrait-photographer windsor-photographer Windsor family photographer sunningdale-photographer marlow-henley-photographer fine-art-portraits family-photographer-surrey family-photographer-berkshire