3 Breath Techniques That Can Help Parents Stay Calm

yoga-teacher-WindsorMost parents will agree…Our children teach us. They show us our stuff. You know, all those foibles we like to hide from ourselves? Yes…those.

Lately my daughter has been teaching me a lot about patience…and my lack thereof. As a family photographer, I have infinite patience with other people’s kids. It’s my own child that pushes my buttons.

I’ve turned to my yoga practice for ways to help keep my cool. These 3 breath techniques are working for me. They take seconds to do and they give me space and time to pause. They help me modulate my response or at least make it an appropriate one. Whether you are a yogi or not, the next time you feel your temperature rising, try this:

1. 3 Deep Breaths: I do this at the start of my practice and at the beginning of every class. Pause. Take 3 deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose…or sigh the breath out through your mouth. (whichever feels right for you.) These 3 breaths are often enough to cool things down.

2. Ground Yourself:  Take a deep breath. Breathe out and imagine that your breath goes down into the earth through your feet. Imagine sending roots down into the earth with your breath. Repeat as many times as you need, then respond to your child.

3. 3-Count Breath: Take a deep breath in, counting slowly to 3. Exhale to 3, trying to make your exhale just as long as your inhale. Repeat two or three times. Then respond.

I hope these breath techniques help you as much as they have me. Do you have any other helpful ideas? Please share in the comments below.

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Yoga: The Best Mother’s Day Gift

yogawindsorDo you know a stressed-out mum? Someone who needs a little ‘me’ time? Give the gift of yoga this Mother’s Day! Recently, I asked some of my students why they practiced yoga. This is what they said:

Yoga is my ‘ME’ time. I’m learning to protect this time. It makes me a better Mum….

The only place I fully relax is in this studio. My kids even follow me to the bathroom!

Yoga is my fitness…but also I love the mental shift that comes from practice. I feel it when I miss a week.

Gift vouchers come in any amount: Offering classes in both yoga and mindfulness & relaxation. Classes are private or in groups of 5 or less…lots of personalisation. :)

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Finding a Centre of Softness and Ease…


This week’s classes have all been on the theme of finding centre. Yes, that means finding and then moving from our core. Exactly what we need to hold poses like plank and Navasana (boat). Even as we do something as everyday as stand in Tadasana (mountain), that strong centre connection simultaneously grounds us and lifts us.

But what if at our centre we are strong but tight? You know…that feeling of grasping and gripping at something we desperately want but can’t quite seem to get? And the more we grasp, the harder it is to do.  What if, instead of grasping, we were to allow? To soften our hold? To find ease even in the midst of a pose that challenges us? (Think forearm plank for…oh…10 breaths!)

Patanjali’s sutra 2.46 says, ‘Sthira sukham asanam.’ Or loosely translated:  Practicing yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner gives rise to harmony with the physical body.

What if we were to soften and look for ease and relaxation even when our lives challenge us beyond all imagination?

I have one of those situations going on in my life at the moment. From the very beginning, I have been strong and determined. This week, I am changing my perception and my approach. I am looking for ease and relaxation in this situation. I’m not letting go of my strength…I will carry on. Just in a different way. Let’s see what happens.

In the meantime…enjoy your practice. Namaste….

Looking for softness and ease…an intention for the New Year.

denise balyoz yoga windsorHappy 2015! This year has a wonderful ring to it, doesn’t it? And…I have a such a good feeling about this year! I can’t wait to see what comes.

In the meantime, as the days being their tumble into January, I will be approaching my yoga practice (and my life) with the intention of ease.

Working hard, for me, is not a problem. Profound effort does not scare me. But as Patanjali says, the physical practice of yoga should be a combination of effort or steadiness (sthira) and ease or joy (sukham).

When the postures are difficult, can we remain soft? Can we remain connected to our breath? Can we pull back….just a little…and listen, really listen to what it is our body is saying to us?

And in life, when things get hard…when we are tired, or challenged…can we stay connected to ourselves? When we meet resistance, can we stay grounded? And even in the midst of sadness, can we find moments of joy?

In 2015, this is my practice. At least, part of it….

What is yours?


Robin Williams and Yoga. Some thoughts.

yoga-ascot-winkfieldSeveral days on from the news and I’m still a very sad. Robin Williams’ death has touched me in a way that most celebrity deaths don’t. A friend suggested that perhaps it was because I grew up with Robin and his work. And that his passing is a reminder of my own mortality?

Perhaps there is a bit of this feeling. But more I think it is because with his work Robin touched my emotions…he made me laugh and he made me think. And I am saddened to think that a man who gave so much to everyone struggled as a result.

My simple heart wishes that he could have enjoyed some of the JOY he gave to all of us.

And so, during my yoga practice, I got to thinking about perception, assumptions and life. Before Monday, I would have ASSUMED that someone like Robin Williams…so talented, so successful, so admired…felt secure in his accomplishments and secure in life. Unfortunately, we all assume many things. And unfortunately, usually we are wrong.

We assume the wealthy are secure and without worry. We assume that the married and child-blessed feel secure and loved. We assume that the yoga guru feels flexible, strong, able and lives a pain-free physical life as they move from one advanced yoga pose to the next.

And actually all, some or none of this may be true. We assume and then we desire what we assume.  And then, we become dissatisfied with our present, our reality.

Yoga teaches us that nothing matters but the present. And that it does not matter if we practice really hard poses that look great photographed and posted on Instagram.  It doesn’t matter if our forward bends are deep or if we can stand on our hands.  It only matters that we practice our best with as much as our bodies can do today. And it only matters that we breath into this enough-ness.

In thanks all of the moments of brilliance he shared….and in tribute and respect to Robin as person. Namaste.