Phoebe’s Story

From the bottom of my heart…thank you to EVERYONE who supported us during the last several weeks. Our journey was easier for all of the cards, gifts, texts, FB messages, calls, flowers and love. I have been amazed by the support and feel so very grateful…and blessed. Thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of our adventure…

lifestyle-photographerLast Thursday we checked into Moorfields Hospital to stay in the Ronald McDonald House. What a wonderful charity…I am forever thankful. berkshire-photographerUnfortunately, during the night Phoebe developed a bad tummy. So though, we were there with Monkey and in our PJs, they wouldn’t admit us into theatre. Time for Phoebe, Monkey and Laura (the Meerkat) to go back home.

child-photographerOn Monday morning, I drove back into London…2nd time lucky. They let her in. photographer-egham But because she wasn’t on the regular roster, we had to wait all morning for a slot. Lots and lots of time for art….family-photographerAnd Dora watching….trying to forget the hunger pains…photographer-sunningdaleStrangely enough, getting the ‘Magic Cream’ was pretty traumatic. Phoebe didn’t want to have the plastic bandage on her hands. However, she was reassured to know that Monkey had the Magic Cream when he once had an operation.  portrait-photographer

If being snuggle-toothed isn’t enough….photographer-etonX marks the eye….

And post operation….with a patch….photographer-winkfieldStrangely enough, it helped for Phoebe to know exactly what was going on. I explained it al to her. She watched the cannula (IV) go in to her hand. And…she wanted to remove her bandage herself. The nurses were impressed.  photographer-virginia-water photographer-ascot

We were released the same day…and on Tuesday we went out for a short walk.

photographer-windsorEvery day gets a little bit better and a little less painful. Though, bless…Phoebe is being very, very brave.

Thank you again….love from us both….



Our 365: Week 3

2 Jan 2015 – A trip into town…as Elsa. 15_DJB189815_DJB1907 Day 16 – Learning to sew.16-DJB_6591 Day 17 – Fog on the Long Walk17-DJB_6608 17-DJB_6624 Day 18 – On the way to Great Ormond Street Hospital, we stopped in Hamleys on Oxford Street.18-P1040350 Day 19 – Homeopathic Remedies…a big part of Phoebe’s healing journey.19_DJB1912 Day 20 – Jumping on the bed before school20-DJB_6683-(1) Day 21 – It’s a dog’s life…21_DJB1922

Our 365: Week 2

Day 8 – A wintery walk with a new friend called,

Day 9: Sometimes she does things that melt my Day 10 – a walk with a friend. day-10 Day 11. Elsa makes art. day-11-(2) day-11 Day 12…it was a week of walks. This time with another friend. And the dog! day-12 Day 13…ahh a frosty, foggy morning. We dashed out to be in it. day-13-(2) day-13 Day 14 – Learning to play Othello…a childhood favourite of mine. day-14

a new year…a new project…

A new year. A new start. Or rather, a re-start…For a few years now, I have wanted to complete a 365 project. One photo every day for one year. This sounds easy: Have camera. Pick it up. Click.

But any photographer who has tried this knows that LIFE just GETS IN THE WAY. I’ve tried a 365 before. I’ve also tried a 52 week project. And both times, I had to stop to deal with the demands of my business and motherhood.

This year, I’m trying again. But on my terms. Firstly (and most importantly) my daughter has signed up with me. SHE wants to do it with me. She wants to help me remember to take our photo before the daylight gives way to darkness. And sometimes, she will dictate the subject (watch for photos of stuffed animals…I know they will be coming!) Secondly, I will not be posting every day. It was the download-and-post process that killed this project the first time. Instead, I’ll post here weekly with a set photos from that week.

Without much further ado….here we go. Our 365. Beginning 19 December 2014.

Day 1

day-1Day 2day-2Day 3day-3Day 4day-4
Day 5day-5Day 6day-6Day 7 (Yes, this was Christmas Day)day-7-(2) dau-7

A New Year – One Word. One Project

Do you have a word of the year? Last year, I started this tradition and wow! was it powerful.  For me, 2011 was all about TRUST:  Trust in myself. Trust in my photography.  Trust in the process. Trust became my mantra and the word was a gentle reminder that everything would be OK no matter what. (And it was…)

I wanted to do the same thing this year.  But I struggled to find my word.  For a while, I considered GROW.   But something wasn’t quite right with it.  GROW seemed too…intense.  We grow our stock portfolios. Large companies push for growth.  I wanted something more gentle and organic.

Then last night, it came to me…My word is BLOOM.  Do you like it?

In 2012, I hope my business will bloom.  I hope Phoebe will bloom.  I hope my new life will bloom.  And, I hope my work, my style and my skills will bloom.

This leads me to the second part of this post…I have decided to commit to a 366 project. One photo. Everyday. For one year (plus the extra leap day we get this year…).

I must admit, I am daunted by the idea.  On Flickr, I have followed many amazing photographers who have completed 365.   The act of consciously shooting every day has changed their work in amazing ways.  But without a doubt, this project is TOUGH to do.  It scares me.  My days are so full already. But, something is pushing me forward. And so, I will begin. My theme is Phoebe. She is my muse and I want to document the daily life of her three-year old world for her.

I hold my friend, Amy partially responsible for this adventure.  She blogged on The Creative Mama about committing to her 2nd 365 and offered some great resources and guidance. Do check it out if you are considering this kind of project.

What is your word for the year? What projects are you considering for 2012? Please share them in the comments. I’d love to know….Have a beautiful day.